ISC Focusing on Safety Concerns for Industry

ISC security

The International Sponsor Council is focusing on safety issues facing the sponsorship industry. There are concerns regarding the preparedness of the industry and its ability to manage incidents targeting events. The ISC has been in discussions with stakeholders and will be holding meetings to increase collaboration and the sharing of information between parties around the world in order to stave off threats of all magnitude.

“This is an issue of paramount importance,” stated Terry Cecil, CEO & Chief Sustainability Officer of the ISC. “We must broaden and facilitate working relationships between sponsors and the industry so that we may most importantly protect lives and at the very least avoid disruption to the world’s events. It’s a major focus for the ISC under its commitment to sustainability and its social leg which includes health and safety. This affects not only fans, but employees, clients, vendors and others. Sponsors want to provide leadership on this issue and work together to provide the greatest possible protection”.

The ISC has partnered with some of the world’s leading security forces including former SEAL Team Six members and is providing services to sponsors as well as other stakeholders involved in the sponsorship industry.

ISC Focusing on Safety Concerns for Industry

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